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Company name TSY AMERICA CO.,LTD.
Location 7F Asterio-Kitahorie The Metro Tower
1-2-19 Kitahorie Nishi-ku,
Osaka Japan 550-0014
Date of establishment February 5, 2009
President Isao Yuno
Business description Design, manufacture and sales of automobile wheels and general-purpose vehicle wheels
Main customer OEM General & Aftermarket
Delivery destination Japan / North America / Canada / EU / Others
Country of origin Taiwan / China


TSY AMERICA Co., Ltd. performs 2D drawing creation, 3D design development, prototype development, mass production of wheels for automobiles, The company specializes in developing aluminum wheels that can be mounted on ATV / UTV vehicles.

The ultra-light and high-strength, small-diameter RIM wheel using aluminum wrought material boasts the world's top production volume.

We always realize weight reduction when designing wheels, pursuing comfortable ride and running stability, Design and develop attractive wheels that incorporate customer needs.

Production is possible at partner factories around the world that meet your needs.
* Aluminum wheel: Can be produced in Taiwan (1 factory) and China (4 factory).
* Iron wheel: China (3 factories)

There are also affiliated companies in the USA (Atlanta) and China (Shanghai).


The latest wheels are produced by TSY AMERICA's global product planning and development capabilities.
In addition, based on experience as an OEM supplier, we can respond quickly to PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) requirements.

Lightweight Beadlock Wheel developed

Light weight is realized by RIM using cast DISK + aluminum wrought material with high design.
Developed and mass produced a new structure of Beadlock Wheel for ATV manufacturers.

Research and development for weight reduction

Verification of weight reduction and strength optimization by FEM analysis.